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Ruyi group and Huichuan technology jointly discuss the future of intelligent cotton textile

Jun 04,2021 / Company News

On March 20, Huichuan technology intelligent textile team entered Ruyi group, and the two sides carried out in-depth technical cooperation and exchange on the future development and planning of cotton textile intelligent technology, intelligent weaving all electric solution, textile industry chain whole process intelligent manufacturing prospect and supporting solutions of Huichuan intelligent technology.
As the direction of the future transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises, the building of intelligent factory requires the traditional textile industry to complete the four step transformation of automation, informatization, digitization and intelligence. In addition to the exchange of technical solutions, Huichuan technology also shared the "four steps" of intelligent manufacturing, and the two sides communicated on how to realize the intelligent textile factory.
"Four steps" of intelligent manufacturing
The first step
Improve the automation level of production equipment to realize the digitization of production process, and realize real-time data acquisition through the Internet of things.
Step two
For the collected data, the big data analysis of production process is realized by means of edge calculation, so as to optimize the management level of equipment side, production side and process side, and realize the digitalization and intellectualization of enterprise production management.
The third step
On the premise of getting through the digitalization of the whole plant, the digital integration of production process management and enterprise decision-making management, such as the integration of MES system and ERP system, can realize digital manufacturing.
Step four
In the digital operation enterprises, based on cloud computing, digital twin, 5g, virtual reality, big data, blockchain and other new generation information technologies, the intelligent manufacturing operation mode with the functions of information depth self perception, intelligent optimization self decision, accurate control self execution, etc. is realized.