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Advantages Of Polyester Cotton Cloth Printing

May 05,2022 / Industry News

There are several advantages of using Polyester Cotton Cloth Printing. First of all, it is highly affordable. This type of fabric is a blend of cotton and polyester and has a length of 60 inches. Second, it is breathable, making it an excellent canvas for printing. Third, it is very durable. If you want to print your design on the fabric, you should use high-quality ink. And finally, you can choose from an endless array of colors and designs.

Poly cotton is much cheaper than 100% cotton, making it an affordable, high-quality material for many businesses. Also, it is highly resistant to dirt, which means you can use it to print on shirts, hats, and other products. Its other advantages are durability and easy care. For example, you can wash and dry poly cotton clothing and it will remain soft and breathable. In addition, you can use this fabric for industrial purposes, like manufacturing machinery and fabrics.

Before printing, you need to select a color for your fabric. A dark color will not produce the same results as light colors, so you will need to experiment to get the right color. A water-based ink will dry in a short period of time. A water-based ink can dry faster than a plastisol ink, but it will have a limited working time. If you choose a water-based ink, you'll need to use an underbase and a discharge agent. If you're printing a white fabric, you might want to use a pretreatment to prevent color from bleeding. A water-based ink is a great option for printing on a dark color, but it can have a limited work window. Fortunately, you can find many different brands at low prices and print on both.

As mentioned before, fabric selection is critical in selling apparel. Each fabric has different properties, so you can't just print on any fabric. A poor quality fabric isn't going to appeal to your customers, and it will wear out easily or shrink excessively. Consequently, you need to be selective in choosing the fabric for your custom t-shirt printing. You should also consider the type of printing you wish to do on your clothes.

In addition to cotton, you should also consider using a blend of cotton and polyester. A poly-cotton blend is lightweight, durable, and wrinkle-free, but it won't print as well on all of them. Cotton, however, is best for printing on a higher-quality cotton material. For eco-conscious clothing, try using bamboo or hemp instead of cotton. These two fabrics are more environmentally friendly. The combination is better for printing and is perfect for baby clothes.

When screen-printing on polyester, it is important to choose the appropriate inks. If you're using water-based inks, you'll need to be very careful. Water-based dyes will not look as vibrant on polyester as they will on cotton.