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Discussion on the future consumption trend from the clothing retail market

Jun 01,2021 / Industry News

The global epidemic situation continues to fluctuate, and the clothing retail market which is deeply integrated into the global supply chain is also constantly fluctuating. With the domestic and international market demand gradually warming, clothing enterprises accelerate the optimization of online distribution channels, innovative development mode, and cultivate new growth points. Facing the complex and changeable market environment, it is a compulsory course for textile and clothing enterprises to grasp the trend of consumption demand and hot spot and to innovate products in accordance with the market trend.
On May 27, cotton incorporated will work with the Chinese women's clothing fabric fashion trend research institute to release the Research Report on the retail market of clothing in spring and summer 2021 through the online live broadcast platform of CTIC Fashion College. In this report, Mr. Zhang Ligang, senior customer manager of Cotton Incorporated, will carry out the three aspects: the worries brought by the epidemic, the health care consideration caused by the epidemic, and the concern of sustainability. The paper will deeply understand the profound impact of the epidemic on consumers and the clothing retail market, and analyze the material application and product development direction of textile and clothing enterprises.