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Haining Hengshang Knitting Co., Ltd Washable Dog Pee Pad is made of a breathable polyester fabric

Dec 20,2022 / Industry News

Washable Pet Training Pad
Whether you're just beginning puppy training or you've been trying to prevent stains, a washable pet training pad is a must. They can help protect your carpet, furniture, and crate from the mess. They're also useful for travel.
They're made to be easily cleaned in the washing machine and they're available in a variety of styles. You can even get washable puppy pads to line your dog's transport crate for extra security.
They're made of a patented blend of fabric and wicking technology. It makes them a great choice for dogs that track wet pawprints around the house. It also prevents liquid from leaking.
They're available in three sizes. You can choose between a round pad, which is perfect for lining a pet bed, and a square pad, which is perfect for lining crates. You can also choose a pad that can be used as a car trunk liner. They're also available in three different colors. They're great for odor control, too.
The Haining Hengshang Knitting Co., Ltd Washable Dog Pee Pad is made of a breathable polyester fabric. It's designed to absorb moisture quickly. It's also machine washable and comes in a 72x72 inch size. It also has a slip-free bottom grip, so you can secure it to the floor without worrying about it sliding off. The back of the pad tends to crack over time, though.
The Haining Hengshang Knitting Co., Ltd Reusable Puppy Pads are made of four layers of absorbency, and they're backed with a waterproof backing. They're available in packs of up to four pads at a great price. They're also machine washable, so you can easily clean them up after your pup.
You can also get pads that have odor-eliminating scents. Some pads even have adhesive tabs. They're a great alternative to paper pads. They're also available in a variety of colors and sizes. You can find them online, as well as in stores.
Aside from protecting floors and furniture, pee pads are also a great option for puppies that tend to chew on their pads. You can secure them with masking tape or duct tape. They're also a great choice for seniors, puppies, and dogs with disabilities. If you're looking for a more affordable option, you can find these pads on Amazon. They're also available in a pack of two.
They're perfect for training puppies, since they have a super absorbent soaker in the center. They also have a breathable plastic backing. You can wash them at 95 degrees for infection control. You can also dry them to reuse them. They're also available in different colors and prints.
They're also a great alternative to disposable pads, since they're eco-friendly. They're made of superabsorbent polymer powder that absorbs liquids. They're also machine washable, which means they'll keep your floors and furniture clean. You can also find pads that have wicking technology, which allows them to absorb liquids quicker.
They're also great for travel, since you can place them in the car trunk, on the floor of the car, or on your rug. You can also use them under water bowls.

Digital Printing Plaid weave fabric Puppy Pee Pad

Product information:
Face cloth: 140gsm Plaid weave fabric
Middle layer: 6.8 oz
Waterproof layer: 0.025mm TPU film
Base fabric: 100% polyester knitting fabric
Anti-slip: Anti-slip silica gel dot
Size: 18*24 inch
Design name: Red Plaid & Blue Plaid
Packing method: 2 pcs in a poly bag with insert
Face cloth: Purple and white grid
Middle layer: 230gsm 95/5
Base cloth: 85gsm mercerized velvet
Packing: 2 pieces of PE bag 1.5¥
MOQ: 100 packs