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How Do I Get My Puppy to Poop on a Pee Pad?

Aug 18,2022 / Industry News

When your puppy starts to poop on a pee pad, you will have to start by putting it in the same spot as he usually eats and plays on. As he becomes accustomed to using the pee pad, you can move it to a more accessible location. Keep in mind not to encourage your puppy to chew, eat, or play on the pee pad. Instead, only let your puppy enter the home when it is dry.
The first step in training your puppy to go to the toilet on a potty pad is to let him out of his crate, so he can use the bathroom outdoors. After a walk or a long play session, your puppy will want to go potty. Make it a habit to take him out every few hours or so. Remember, puppies need to go to the bathroom at least every two hours.
Another important step in potty training your puppy is to set a schedule. It is important to keep a strict schedule. Having a schedule is also important because fear and yelling at your puppy can make your dog confused. Once your dog understands that you will stop giving him food until he has a chance to use the potty, he will be less likely to have accidents.
When training your puppy to use a potty pad, choose a spot that is free from foot traffic. This area should be low-traffic, and it should be visible to your puppy. You can also use a tarp or other barrier so your puppy won't get a smelly area. Using a puppy pad is the easiest way to teach your puppy to use the potty outside.
After training your puppy to use a potty pad, it is important to keep a close eye on him. Make sure to clean up any messes that he does while on the pad. When your puppy goes on a pad, reward him with a treat. Be sure to praise him for using the pad, because dogs have a tendency to go in the same spot over again.
Once he has mastered this basic technique, you can move the pad closer to the door. After your puppy gets used to the new location, you can start taking him outside. Move the pad closer to the door and if he finishes the task quickly, reward him with praise. You can also begin taking the pad outside and letting him go potty every day. Then, gradually move him to the final outdoor location.
While pee pads are a great solution for dogs with mobility or poop issues, you should not use these products for the rest of your dog's life. Not only are they not necessary, but they also add a step in the training process. But once your puppy has mastered the basic command of peeing on a pad, you will be glad you did!
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