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How To Choose An Incontinence Pad Fabric

May 19,2022 / Industry News

You may be wondering how to choose an Incontinence Pad fabric. While sanitary products are worn only for a few days each month, incontinence pads are worn all day, every day. While there may be some risks associated with these products, the FDA assures consumers that there are very few incidents of incontinence. The human body is highly adaptable and resilient, so it is unlikely that an Incontinence Pad will cause any damage to the body.

Reusable cloth incontinence pads are a popular choice. These pads are made from organic cotton and hemp fleece. The hemp in these pads is soft, absorbent, and offers good stretch. The natural materials in hemp make them antimicrobial and anti-fungal, making them a safe, comfortable choice for people with allergies. Another benefit of hemp is its high level of biodegradability. This means that it does not have the chemical-laden fibers found in most non-organic incontinence pads.

When it comes to cleaning an Incontinence Pad, there are several options. Disposable pads can be thrown away, but reusable pads are a great choice for reducing the amount of time and money spent shopping for pads. Reusable pads are also durable, so you can wash them frequently, extending their life. These products are also great for the environment! Nearly 20 billion sanitary products end up in landfills every year in North America. Many of these materials take hundreds of years to degrade, so using washable sanitary products is the best option.

Cloth Incontinence Pads are an option for heavier-wetting situations. They are ideal for overnight and long trips, and the flow-through cotton layers allow them to fill to capacity. This prevents leakage from leg openings. Cloth incontinence pads are a convenient option for heavy-wetting people, especially those who travel frequently or need to stay dry. They also have the added benefit of the extra absorbency of a disposable diaper without the bulk.

When purchasing cloth Incontinence Pads, consider the following factors: size, absorbency, and cost. The most important factor to consider is your personal preference. Size and shape of your body will affect your selection. Women with large bladders should choose pads that fit them properly. For convenience, choose a pad size that is a little larger than you normally wear. Make sure your underwear has adequate elastic to fit snugly.

When choosing a reusable Incontinence Pad, look for a fabric that is odor-free.  for example,we  eliminates the use of harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process. It is soft, breathable, and can withstand three hundred washings on hot temperatures. Organic hemp fleece is used for up to two doublers in each pad. These pads are also reusable and a good choice for those who don't have a strong bladder.