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There are several advantages to using reusable pee pads for dogs

Sep 15,2022 / Industry News

Reusable Pee Pads For Dogs
There are several advantages to using reusable pee pads for dogs. First, you don't have to clean them in the regular washer. They are usually made of high-quality materials that absorb liquid. If you are not sure what type to choose, it is best to try a small pad first. If you do not have a large dog, you may want to invest in a few smaller pads.
Second, the pad should absorb pee for a longer time. This helps avoid the floors from being dirty after a pee. You should also check the water retention of the pad. The longer the pad absorbs the more it's likely to hold odors and prevent leaks. You can also buy puppy pee pads that adhere to the floor. Another advantage of these reusable dog pee pads is that they're waterproof.
Pet Select puppy pee pads are a good option. They are large enough to hold an average-sized accident. Besides being waterproof, the pee pads are also padded with a lining made of a heavy material. They're also great if you have more than one dog in the house. Besides being reusable, these pads save money on the landfill. It's recommended that you purchase one with an animal safety certificate, so that you can check the quality of the product.
If you're worried about leakage, you can try the California Pet Supply puppy pee pads. These reusable pads measure 34" by 36" and contain four thick layers of absorbent material. They're also made of quilted material, which prevents spills from splashing. They're also environmental friendly and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It's worth noting that California Pet Supply puppy pee pads also donate 5% of their sales to animal charities.
Wee-Wee training pads are another option. These dog pads are inexpensive and have good reviews. They come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Most of the pads are waterproof, which is very important when you're training a puppy. Moreover, these pads are designed to be reusable so you can keep them around for longer. You can also save money by buying a pack of pads from online retailers.
You can also buy Haining Hengshang Knitting Co., Ltd Training Pads, which are highly absorbent. They also feature carbon-filled layers to absorb urine. Other brands, such as Pet Parents Pawtect Washable Dog Pee Pads, are made from durable fabric and washable. The size of the pads depends on the size of your dog. A small puppy can use any size pad, while a giant breed puppy should use an oversized pad. The pads come in large and regular sizes.

Color Line Quilting brushed polyester knitting fabric Puppy Pee Pad

Face cloth: 100gsm brushed polyester knitting fabric
Middle layer: 8.0 oz
Waterproof layer: 0.025mm TPU film
Base fabric: 100gsm brushed polyester knitting fabric
Anti-slip: Anti-slip silica gel dot
Size: inch
Design name: matching color thread quilting
Packing method: 1 pcs in a poly bag with insert
MOQ: 100 packs